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Leading by Example

Leadership is a way of life at Spry Techies, we see our team members take lead and ownership of their work. We cherish our exposure and experience in the industry and the projects we've done and build our team towards a symphony of sorts.  

Pradeep Sharma, has his Bachelor of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Started his career with Tata Consultancy Services, he started leading a module team within 4 months of his employment while working at GE Global Delivery Center in Mumbai.
He worked with MAQ Software as business analyst and thereafter as business development manager for their RFID products, educational softwares and mobile applications. At ANMsoft he took a project manager and then head of e-commerce product team, sharing his process knowledge to other projects while heading the project coordination office as well. Before founding Spry Techies he had already went thru a team building and branch deployment experience with as its head of technology and web operations. Pradeep strives in project design, planning, optimization and team management. He has been working on leading technology stacks and softwares, and has developed skills to adapt to the next.

Arvind Sharma, completing his Bachelor of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, had experienced peaks of academic satisfaction while doing his projects in south korea and did not want to waste his efforts on discovering the ideal corporate boss, so he went right forward and co-founded Spry Techies.
Arvind has worked on java, Ruby, PHP and open source technologies to deliver many projects. He worked on tiny to large scale web development projects from conceptualization to post-production support phases.