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Johareez Jewelry and Auctions

Online Auction and Shopping portal for jewelery and lifestyle products. One of the biggest online jewelry shopping portal in India. Integrates with central inventory system that is connected with other leading shopping sites. Provides flexible and advanced searching and filtering of products with Solr.


  • Yii Framework
  • Custom Shopping Portal
  • Full-feature search
  • openx ad management

SortFolio Inc

Build with a multitude of integrations of best third party APIs, on top of Ruby On Rails with Elastic Search, Heroku, Amazon AWS and Seo Moz best practices.


  • Ruby On Rails
  • Elastic Search
  • Heroku
  • Memcache
  • Analytics
  • CC Payment
  • AWS S3 Storage

Voylla Shopping

Voylla is a luxury product e-retailer, loved by users for its offers, ease of use and delivery committment values. Catering to users from India and then international customers on www and then custom user experience for mobile devices.


  • Ruby On Rails
  • Multi-Screen Layout
  • Multi-Currency
  • Onsite
  • E-Commerce
  • Integration

Diet x Nutrition Magazine

DietxNutrition is a health magazine, built on love of wordpress, custom theme and plugin architecture. With best SEO practices and content monetization approaches.


  • WordPress
  • Custom Theme Design
  • SEO
  • site management
  • content maintenance
  • Social Media

Private Banking Network

privatebanking.com is a media company in private banking vertical. Working with enormous amounts of data and web crawling, running email campaigns to niche private bankers around the work. It has a social network module that provides platform to subscribers, for them to interact and discuss trends.


  • J2EE
  • Performance Optimization
  • SEO
  • Web Data Crawling
  • Social Network
  • Email Campaigns
  • Server Administration

Africa Phone Books Yellow Pages

AfricaPhoneBook.com is a yellow page directory listing of businesses for african countries. Going steps ahead of yellow pages it caters to white pages and official pages listing to help the users search and find the email/ phone/ contact details of available establishments.


  • Mongo
  • Solr
  • SEO
  • Live Indexing
  • Listing Workflow
  • Yii
  • Server Administration

Gallant Jewelry MIS

With supply chain and inventory management that feeds in multiple multinational shopping platforms like amazon and eBay, Gallant MIS provides material, SKU inventory management and purchase order to invoicing tracking. Flexible to export data sheets in many shopping platforms' formats.

Gallant MIS

  • Yii Framework
  • MIS
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory
  • Datasheet Export to Excel

The Bladder Center


  • Drupal
  • Member Dashboard
  • Custom Theme Design
  • multi-theme
  • custom data types