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Online Businesses can not Ignore this One Big Wave

Spry Techies provides search engine optimization (SEO) services with best in class processes and methods. Either combined with one of our other service like website design, development or website maintenance, inbound marketing services are backbone of online marketing for any business. We understand that it requires juggling with hundred or more factors while launching SEO campaign for a business or brand, and it is a lot of engagement with your prospective users and social media that takes place in the process of such campaigns.

Why, What and How of SEO

Since google revolutionized the way we search, a lot of users changed their navigation behaviors online to something that hops through a 'search' on search engines. Of course every website has a search capability or navigation, but search engines have overtaken half of that. And so they can't be ignored, in medium to long term they form a big chunk of your user traffic.

Soon search engines matured their algorithms and signals to better align to user and human processes, and so they started putting more priority to a lot of new signals rather than just whats being written and crowded on a particular page. It is important to understand that some of these signals were abused at times and that marked some techniques as grey-hat or black hat.  Like everything else, these methods may promise good short term returns but they are recipe to failure and penalty. 

We provide white hat seo services and use techniques that form by combining audit of website, keyword analysis, competition research, long tail exploration, user behavior, navigational patterns, on page factors, website usability analysis, content relevancy check, content publishing plan, social media engagement with users, relevant submissions, website page delivery optimization, meta data optimization, content redundancy removal and reporting/ tracking/ monitoring of carried out routines and their effects.

Social Media

A small part of users or visitors arrive at a website directly out of their bookmarks or referring applications or brand recall, but combined with search visitors this does not completely define the complete user base, there is a strong (and it is becoming more relevant recently) segment of users that arrive at websites through word-of-mouth or social media as we would name it in internet context.

Let us recognize the users who discuss and name products on the social networks like facebook, twitter and pin them on pinterest or bookmark them on sumbleUpon,etc. Similarly on other blogs, forums and any community portal that provides a platform to the community for discussion and sharing their views. If a small one-person business can not do search engine marketing (SEM) or search engine optimization, that is understandable, but such business rely heavily on the social media. A lot of stars have born out of going viral on social media.

We use techniques that uniquely identify the platform suitable for your users and how to engage with them and share about new products, deals or brand without them ignoring it like it being another classified ad in the newspaper.

Online reputation management (ORM) has been one of the terms born out of the SEO and Social Media rise, It is imperative for any business to make sure that their brand or name is not being tarnished online, even search engines are now making efforts to accept such wrong-perception. Remember the perception a search engine can form is entirely connected to the footprint of the brand or name online, spread across websites and social networks.