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What makes us different from others?

   With our experience in the academic world as well as corporate arena, we found that there are very few teams that sought client delight, taking ownership of products, initiatives and projects. Spry Techies was started for quenching the thirst of forming products with new dimension, providing delight-centric services and creating products that are more of solution than marketing, to prove the formulae on our work paradigms, and to explore the undiscovered horizons. Sure we had to go out of our comfort zone for that and walk the less travelled path, and here we are discovering new zones, new paths.
We strive to focus on the three tenets that define us, Solution. Fast. Light.

Solutions. While the same problem can be seen thru two lenses of Analysis and Design, our focus is Design. We would look for the solutions in the problem or challenge that faces. Our projects are a movement towards what solves the problem of our clients in conducting their commerce, bringing their ideas to life and helping them realize their visions.

. The world is moving at ever increasing speed and the applications, the tools and the drivers are all expected to adapt to that speed continuously. We build applications and solutions that lead the flow and set benchmarks for speed of response and process.

. Resources are becoming scarce and even if they may be in abundance, for someone to outgrow them in todays' times is not a far-fetched expectation. Limiting the usage of less resources can never do bad to any team, and so we focus on providing the best-in-class solutions that are light on resources and costs of operations.

With our focus on client delight, we build a team and define processes that is sewn around it. We see every project and product in its individual frame and strive to create a exact fit solution. The real delight, for us, is in retaining customers and providing 'that' extra in deliveries and cost benefits while providing experience of premium treatment.

Spry Techies works on various technology stacks including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, LAMP, ROR and J2EE. We have delivered projects while integrating with Solr, Openx, TOMCAT, Mongo, WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop and Magento, with designing, developing and deploying on these technologies; customizing applications to business requirements.

We deliver products and services that have strength to endure the changing times with latest web technologies and scalable structure for catering to business growth. With agile development process, or prototype based modeling of applications, or the time-tasted waterfall model of application development; Spry Techies has processes to adapt to any of these models of execution to align with the client satisfaction.