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Why we need to innovate ourselves first

Intrapreneur: Noun; in-tru-pru'nur
A person employed to work independently within a company in order to introduce innovation and to revitalize and diversify its business.

At Spry Techies we believe in the paradigm that every team member carries their individual skill of adding value to the organizations, working on tasks to add their ideas to the project or task they are employed on. This core idea guides us to work with the zeal and commitment as it was something under our own ownership, as well as take responsibility of work like no other and dedicate on the task like a participant in business success rather than observer to it.

Spry Techies has conceptualized, designed, developed and maintains content websites on health, lifestyle, tourism and entertainment. We have some more ideas underway to come out with platforms for financial information as well. With some ideas in nascent stage, like social platforms for tourists, shopping enthusiasts and education/ career, we have our hands full on what we want to achieve.

The exact same methods that we use to develop our products, we use to serve our customers that entrust us to develop their website, web applications and enterprise applications. We apply the latest technologies, the best suited processes and software are used to reach the targets that define success.