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Mobile Applications

Increasingly mobile devices access the internet more and more, with native applications a lot of developers have carved their niche for mobile users, new type of games, new productivity applications and tools are coming up every year. Existing websites want to be able to appear up to the times and present a new view of their existing display.

Mobile applications and access is storming the online space, HTML and CSS technologies have been improved to support multiple device display and thus mobile web applications have also emerged. There are frameworks like titanium, phoneGap have become popular that provide more and more support for device features and present new possibilities of integration and more deep-integrated applications.

We provide native applications development for Android, open source OS that is gaining more and more share of smartphone market and mobile web applications that are integrated with iOS, Microsoft, BlackBerry OS with tools and libraries, with power of HTML5 and CSS3.

Variety of applications like content apps, fun-interactive applications, educational games, health tools can be designed for community users, organization employees and departments that want to utilize latest technology in improving their workflows.