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LAMP Technology

Operating System of Choice for small, medium or large web applications, secure and fast.
The time tested web server that has set all the benchmarks on performance.
The favorite open source database engine loved by the online community.
Reported to be used by 75% of websites on the internet of day, as per google.

What do you get when the four meet, beautiful, powerful and flexible web applications emerge. Your Ideas meet the technology, and the result comes across as the envisioned web applications, providing envisioned user experience and the robustness to stand tall in online space.

Every Project is unique, every application is unique. Web applications on LAMP can take all the shapes you want and not the "one-size-fits-all" type. Our approach is to use a development framework of your choice, preferably agile processes and technology framework, like yii, that provides security and performance with flexibility to integrate with all the must-have-integration like paypal, twitter, facebook, open-id, etc.

We know Linux at the back of our hand, like a avid PC users knows his windows desktop. we have installed, maintained, improved and customized linux with various softwares that enable it to be a powerful base for the applications, e.g. s3fs, cron jobs, services, backups, ssl, etc.

We can configure your Apache server with best practices to supercharge it and provide throughput or performance that you need. multiple domains, subdomain, modules, re-writes, ip-addresses, gzip, expire, etc. Configure the MPM in it to work with the java application servers or load balance.

Php is the choice in languages available for online websites and applications, it is built for that specific use. We can empower your php and configure any cache of choice like APX, XCACHE or MemCache with it. Php has a lot of modules that integrate it with other popular technologies like Solr, etc.

Your MySql server can be customized to be used as a high availability update db, or a query DB that takes in a lot of reporting queries. It provides engines that enable better transactions with performance or full-text search capabilities. MySql can be easily misconfigured and thus be labeled the bottleneck in your server eco-system. We provide services to plug in archiving capabilities in your existing database, so your operational database can stay younger and leaner.